Kitsune Tokyo: Mixed By Gildas & Masaya CD

The latest release from Kitsune records is a new mix CD from Gildas & Masaya based on their travels to Tokyo.

Originally created to help promote the Kitsune fashion brand, their record label has been consistently releasing a varied selection of singles and albums since 2002, spanning pretty much ever genre out there from electro, to indie rock and even rave and pop.  Helping launch the career of some of the hottest acts out their now (Hot Chip, La Roux, The Drums, Feist), it has arguably gone on to gain even greater success and widespread acclaim than the garments themselves.

The label’s latest series of albums is a collection of mix albums created by Kitsune founders Gildas Loaec & Masaya Kuroki (aka Gildas & Masaya).  Based on their travels around the world, it celebrates the international and varied aesthetic of both their approach to music and fashion by creating and eclectic mix of their favourite pop, rock and dancefloor hits.  Having already visited their home town of Paris, and New York the latest edition hits Japan’s capital city, Tokyo.

Kitsune Tokyo: Mixed By Gildas & Masaya hits stores this week and features tracks from Phoenix, Two Door Cinema Club, Friendly Fires, Munk and Crystal Fighters plus many exclusive remixes.

Get it here.