We are please to announce a new series we are supporting from the talented Photographer / Director TONE and Germany based clothing label Mazine. Live at the Loft represents a new approach to bringing music to the masses via a intimate recording session with some of today’s more up and coming music acts who have generated a buzz in their respective genre’s.

The First Episode features Brooklyn Based Rocky Business. A duo who’s sound is one that has reach beyond their homebase. Drawing on influences that range from classic boom-bap, drum n bass and punk rock, emcee Strictly Business and producer Johnny on the Rocks create music purely based on energy rather then relying on genre specific formats. “America”, their featured song in episode 01, is the perfect example of this unique blend, as the punk influenced lyrics flow effortlessly over the guitar rifts and drum hits. The scene of the night are best summed up by Devin “Pan” Barrett:

The night we’ve all been waiting for is finally here. After a year’s worth of musing, theorizing, brainstorming, and planning, the inaugural episode of Live At The Loft is upon us, and Rocky Business is first up to bat. The energy is kinetic, even before the festivities begin, with the pre-production scramble in full swing. Trying to make sure that the event goes according to plan without any technical hiccups is enough to make even the coolest of the cool break a sweat. There are camera settings to be locked in, audio levels have to be in tune, and the band has to be corralled for a pre-game soundcheck.

Come 9 o’clock, the first wave of invitees start to file in, and the buzz is palpable, along with the hosts’ playlists rumbling through the speakers. Pounds get exchanged, old chums get reacquainted, and the libations start flowing. Beneath the surface, everyone feigns patience to hide the eager anticipation of what’s about to happen. As the empty spaces become occupied with more bodies, and the hour of truth draws closer, there’s one last comb-through to make sure all gear is locked and loaded. If you played yourself, and showed up late, there’s nothing we can do for you know. Doors locked…showtime!!

From the outside, the scene is similar to any other Hoboken, NJ block on a Friday night, speakeasy style. That subterfuge will last until you get a little closer to this 1920’s former paper warehouse, and hear that the sounds coming from within are what you might hear inside a deep Brooklyn dive… That, my friends, is the sound of Rocky Business killin’ shit!

Once the set is done, and the band has successfully sucked all anxiety out of the room, the applause dies down to give way to after-show socializing. The setting is a room full of pleased faces, some putting smoke in the air, some finishing off that last Cuban Coke or bottle of beer, and all looking forward to the next episode. This is Live At The Loft and you’re all invited…