London's Victoria and Albert Museum buys Rolling Stones Logo at Auction

 The Victoria and Albert Museum in London purchased what probably is the most recognizable logo in all of rock music history. The prestigious museum shelled out $92,500.00 for the Rolling Stones lips logo at an auction held in the United States.

It was perfect timing for the museum, as they recently inquired about borrowing the logo for an exhibition, only to find that it was going to be put up for auction in the US. The decision to put the logo up for auction was made by its designer, John Pasche. According to Pasche, the money brought in from the sale of the logo will go towards his son’s education.

Pasche designed the logo after Mick Jagger was not satisified with his record label had come up with, so Jagger struck out on his own in search of new talent to help design their logo. Pasche designed a tour poster for the band, then was commissioned to design the now iconic logo. The designer completed the design in two weeks, then upon its completion, rock history was then made.


Check the Guardian for more information regarding this amazing story.