When talks of a new album from soulful singer Maxwell begun to bubble the world took notice and begun to anticipate BLACKsummer’snight, and it lived up to the expectations of the masses who have followed the singer career. Enter Melo-X , who we’ve featured here on SLAMXHYPE for his musical prowess. Taking the highly regarded BLACKsummers’night Melo-X completely rendered an instrumental EP based off of a few songs off the release, by adding his own touchs and instrumentations. A risk well taken as the EP came out remarkable and breathes new life into the already heat filled album.

Download: Maxwell’s BLACKsummers’night Instrumental Remix EP – Produced by MeLo-X

Maxwell BLACKsummers'night Instrumental Remix EP Cover

Maxwell BLACKsummers'night Instrumental Remix EP Back Cover