Mayer Hawthorne "I Wish It Would Rain" Video

Weather you know him as Mayer Hawthorne or Dj Haircut is an arbitrary fact, but one fact that isn’t arbitrary at all is that the soulfully styled music the man puts out has the music world and masses have taken a liken to in a major way. Stones Throw really found that gem in the rough with Mayer Hawthorne as his debut release,  A Strange Arrangement, has seen the singing alter ego of the man from Detroit  be acknowledge for multiple accolades as well as perform on network television to the likes of Jimmy Kimmel. It was only right for his project to see a second visual treat in. “I Wish It Would Rain” was the perfect choice of tracks for the second video treatment; a simple melodic tune that really showcases the inspiration behind the sound Mayer Hawthrone has created for himself. A sound unique to this day and age of music overrun by uninspired vocals and catchy musical backdrops. The visuals for “I Wish It Would Rain” are perfect for the low key subject matter of the song as well as the period of music Mayer Hawthone’s sound gains inspiration from.