In our latest interview we were given the chance to sit down with the young and talented Mike Posner. After spending 5 years writing and producing for other artist the now 22 year old Posner shall an opportunity to release his own brand of music and took to the mixtape / independent route. After seeing his “A Matter of Time” album reach no.1 on iTunesU Posner was primed for his first record deal signing to J Records. Having a strong relationship with one of our favorites Dr. Romanelli is what really brought Posner to our attention but after further investigation we saw began to see the true talents of the artist.

2 Responses

  1. Bort

    this site’s taste in music is quite puzzling. completely does not fit the profile of what you guys cover.

  2. slamxhype

    Thanks for the honest reply. We feel talent is talent, and with us having such a broad reach we have a responsibility to cover a wide spectrum of music all through our personal filters. Thats why you’ll see pieces on Radiohead, The XX, Nas, Raekwon, Ino Hidefumi, and Mike Posner.