Few bands encapsulate the spirit of slamxhype like Sonic Youth, heavily inspired by art and fashion they mix the avant garde with pop and punk rock to create a vital sound that is as equally influenced by street culture as it is by high end galleries.  Their tireless work ethic has seen them refuse to stop since the band formed in the late 70s, moving seamlessly between musical scenes (from punk… new wave… no wave… indie…. grunge…) they have been a hugely influential force in popular culture (they convinced David Geffen to sign Nirvana), yet have never compromised their sound, and have always found time for exciting and challenging, yet rewarding side projects, such as bassist Kim Gordon’s artwork or their more freeform noise arrangements in groups such as offshoot band Mirror/Dash.

Mirror/Dash is a group formed of Sonic Youth members (and husband and wife) Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore.  An exploration in sound, it’s a freeform noise project inspired by avant garde composers, free jazz and punk rock in which both musicians torture their instruments with effects, by throwing them about or hitting them with drumsticks, screwdrivers, or whatever else comes to hand to create a trance like drone of sound.  Opening Ceremony attended a recent gig by the band at the Thirty Days Gallery in NYC and recorded the spectacle for us all too see.

It’s pretty far out stuff, but we love it!  Check out the videos below.