Leave it to Childish Gambino to make webcam sex look cool, and not the description of a chubby middle-aged man’s lonely Saturday night living in his mom’s basement.

In his new video, the actor/rapper recruits porn star Abella Anderson to engage in a sexy webcam chat, the conversation consisting of Gambino’s lyrics typed on beat while the seductress reacts, fondling her private parts to our enjoyment. This isn’t the first time he’s featured Anderson, you might remember his even weirder short film Clapping For The Wrong Reasons, which premiered a few months back.

The quirky track is titled “3005,” and will appear on his upcoming album Because The Internet. He’s done a nice job cultivating the ‘what the f**k will he do next’ persona, and there’s currently no reason to stop watching and/or wondering.

Shout-out to the finger BJ at :20 !

Childish Gambino Has Cyber Sex With Porn Star Abella Anderson. While Rapping.