With Night Scapes not far away from setting The Rivington Hotel in NYC alight we have caught up with one of the stand out acts for the night in Christian Rich. Talking about there background to the idea for Night Scapes this makes for a great read.

SLAMXHYPE – Tell us about your music and what it means to you. How did you start?

Christian Rich music is about inspiration through music and business. We look to make beautiful music that will inspire others to follow their dreams. We got our start ad producers working with the clipse,
Lil Kim, Foxy Brown and others. From those placements we built relationships and when the time was right we made the transition to the artist world.

SXH – Where do you get your inspirations from?

Our inspiration comes from God. He helps us stay humble and creative. We also listen to a lot of Jazz music, Bossa Nova, Classicals, Indian music and anything with String arrangements. We try to fuse good music and make what we think sounds good.

SXH – Tell us about your city and how it affects your music. What is the music scene like there? Where is your favorite spot to hang out?

Chicago is a melting pot of talent and the city is so vibrant that it helps with being imaginative. Chicago allows you to hear all kinds of music because their are so many cultures involved. The music in Chicago is unpredictable. You can hear artist like us and then hear Lupe, Cool Kids, R Kelly, Kanye and then have Fall Out Boys, Smashing Pumkins and others. But we love to hang out on Rush St at night. It’s like being in London, Just a crazy crowd and a lot of nice women.

SXH – What are your thoughts on todays global music scene??

Today’s music is progressive. The audience is ready for more and I believe many good artist are being bold and delivering that. A lot of our favorite artist are from overseas and we appreciate other cultures’ music. It’s
a great chance to learn and be more open minded.
SXH – What, in your eyes, are the advantages/disadvantages of the internet, social networks and downloading for a musician? What do you foresee happening to this culture in the future??

The Internet is great! It’s DIY to the max! The internet helps the audience reach their artist quicker. Before everything was controlled by the labels but now you control your own content. It’s On Demand Music at it’s best. This helps with sales because if you market well and make good music you can recieve higher percentages from record sales online. This culture will be around for a while. The social sites will change but the objectives will always be the same.

SXH – A lot of musicians are collaborating with the art scenes and fashion scenes at present. What are your thoughts on this? Any collaborations you really enjoyed?

Fashion and music are one in the same. One fuels the other. To be a well rounded artist your fashion sense should be accurate. But we loved working with G-Star Raw and with Lemar and Dauley. The new collab with Hellz Bellz is also one of the best. We truly love that company.

SXH – Can you tell us about Night Scapes and how it came together? Please talk about the other artists and how you know them.

Night Scapes is a gala type night. We wanted to bring a new musical experience to New York. We will be playing with a string quartet while Colin Munroe will be playing his acoustic guitar. We actually came up with show idea and called a couple friends like Hellz Bellz, Mick Boogie, Colin Munroe, Melo X and Regular Charles to execute the elegant/tastemaker night. The night will be breath taking and another form of inspiration for the city and music in general.

SXH – Also can you tell us about any new and exciting ventures coming up for you in the coming year?

We are releasing the video version of Famous Girl as a MP3 with Hellz Bell providing limited edition Famous Girl t-shirts. That will be in September. Then we have a few tours coming up so keeps look out for that. We also producing for others so you will get to hear our musical range.