Having caught up with Christian Rich just days ago, here is another interview in preparation for Night Scapes. We have been able to hear more from the even from one of the acts in Mick Boogie. Make sure you are at The Rivington Wednesday 26 if you are in New York.

SLAMXHYPE – Where do you get your inspirations from?

Mick Boogie – Everywhere. Art music fashion. The city. The pulse. Its never ending.

SXH – Tell us about your city and how it affects your music. What is the music scene like there?

MB – I live in Brooklyn NY. Its amazing. Music is around 24/7. From amazing hiphop to dope indie rock to musical legends… Its super inspirational to walk down the street.

SXH – Where is your favorite spot to hang out?

MB – Soho. Union square. Park Slope. Brooklyn Heights. Prospect Park.

SXH – What are your thoughts on todays global music scene??

MB – Bigger than ever, yet due to technology, smaller than ever.

SXH – What, in your eyes, are the advantages/disadvantages of the internet,social networks and downloading for a musician?

MB – Well obviously lack of profit is a downside. But everything else is all good. Free promo and expanded fan bases definitely make up for the lack of sales. The cream rise to the top now.

SXH – What do you foresee happening to this culture in the future??

MB – I see it continuing how its going… With even more creative technology and marketing ideas to assist artists.

SXH – A lot of musicians are collaborating with the art scenes and fashion scenes at present. What are your thoughts on this?

MB – Its great. Art is influenced by music. Music powers fashion shows. Fashion is created at events where music is played. They are 3 different branches of the same tree.

SXH – Any collaborations you reallyenjoyed?

MB – I’ve honestly enjoyed all my projects, be it a collaborative thing or something we just did for fun.

SXH – Can you tell us about Night Scapes and how it came together?

MB – I received an email from Charles explaining the concept and I was instantly with it.

SXH – Please talk about the other artists and how you know them.

MB – I know Christian Rich thru mutual friends. Very talented guys. And we have some cool stuff in the works. Same with Colin. He is gonna be one of the biggest stars of 2010.

SXH – Also can you tell us about any new and exciting ventures coming up for you in the coming year?

MB – Lots! More travelling. More cool parties. Lots more cool remix mixtapes. And some things I can’t mention… Yet. Stay tuned to and for more. Thanks.