I would have never thought there would be a day when Oprah Winfrey would become relevant, but alas that day has arrived in the form of a documentary series. With the launch of her OWN television network comes the introduction of Master Class; an documentary series which focuses on the lives of some of the more influential people of our time who have helped to mold public perspection through their respective crafts. Through genuine discourse and storytelling we are given a chance to live the stories of some very prominent figures and walk with them down the path they took to get to where they are today. The series first episode focuses on the life and times of Jay-Z, who many can and will argue has captured the public’s attention in a way not many Hip-Hop artist before him have. With every opportunity I feel its a fundamental duty to hear from those who have risen to great status through seemingly insurmountable odds. No matter how many times you may have heard Jay-Z story, I feel as thought there is always something new to learn, from him and from the stories of many I believe the Master Class series will focus on. I salute Oprah for encouraging the understand of those people who have shared their stories through the arts.

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