Slam Jam presents the first release for the new and  mysterious label Scenario with this mini LP from Panoram entitled Accents. A brief, yet intense holy celebration of the power of sounds and their audacious craftsman. Placed between an acid and electrifying intro and a dramatically dissonant ending, Panoram’s sermon unfolds in a variegate and kaleidoscopic universe where he explores a huge range of emotions, building sophisticated rhythms like those on Mute City Blue and Hell Reflections, but not only.

Panoram’s rhetoric can push the speech even further, describing a world where rhythm is not the essence and the leading role is played by melodies and a few synthetic bass lines; here the most intense words are spoken, words with the shape of the static movement of Prizm or the melancholic dreaming melody of Wing Formula; but ” in every dream home a heartache”. In Panoram’s world quietness has always something disturbing within. There isn’t anything else to say to expand your faith.

” Panoram sounds like a painting by Edward Hopper hanged in the living room of Bill Pullman and Patricia Arquette in Lost Highway

The Panoram ‘Accents’ 12″ LP will be available from January 11 next year.