We don’t often get involved in Charity events, not often enough anyway, but this weeks Pike River Mining tragedy is close to our hearts here at SLAMXHYPE. A lot of people don’t know but I’m originally from New Zealand, and infact am here right now for the holiday season. The country might be best known for Lord of the Rings, Sheep and Dairy Products, but it’s also home to a huge mining community on the West Coast. Last Friday, the Pike River Mine in Greymouth was hit with a massive explosion, 29 miners were trapped down the mine. The volatile nature of the mine environment meant that rescuers were unable to access the mine directly, robots were brought in to investigate the environment, a massive 160m deep hole was drilled to test the air, but after 5 days, rescue crews were still unable to enter the mine. The miners had no other supplies than what they went with on their regular shift that initial day, rescue teams had no way of contacting them, and on the 5th day, due to the extremely dangerous levels of Carbon Monoxide and Gas in the mine, the mine exploded for a second time, confirming the worst news, there was no way any of the 29 miners could survive.

Greymouth is a mining town, and this terrible tragedy affects the families and the community in a huge way, ANZ Bank have set up an appeal to raise funds for the miners families, who need all the support they can get. We have decided to play our own small part in the appeal, by asking for donations – to which we will match to donate to this appeal.

We have a lot of readers here at SLAMXHYPE, and figured if we could just get everyone to donate a small amount, we could really make a difference, and help this community get through this terrible disaster.

We have set up a paypal account pikeriver@slamxhype.com …. PLEASE PLEASE dig deep and help these families get through this and move forward.

Go here to DONATE.

(If that link above doesn’t work.. please see the banner link on slamxhype.com homepage or just make a donation to pikeriver@slamxhype.com through paypal.com)