When Detroit’s Black Milk released “Music from the Color Purple” last year as a free project it was pretty evident that the small project could become something larger with the right vocals applied. Insert Rapper Big Pooh 1/2 of the North Carolina Duo Little Brother who thought highly enough of the project to turn it into a something of his own completely sanctioned by Black Milk himself, we don’t condone stealing around here. The final project “The Purple Tape” is again a free project which acts as a precursor to the Pooh’s sophomore project  “Dirty Pretty Things” which is set to release later this year. Now I may be a bit bias as a avid Prince fan, but you can not deny the sheer creativity of Black Milk and his chops when it comes to some of the familiar tracks we all know from the movie “Purple Rain”. Pooh provides that extra something which turns your standard mixtape into a solid body of work.

Rapper Big Pooh x Black Milk – “The Purple Tape” EP