It’s alarming to think that its been ten years since the last Reflection Eternal album. Train of Thought for many was an instant classic. The Cincinnati / Brooklyn hybrid duo brought a refreshing sound in during the era of the “jiggy” rappers. So, to think after such a highly touted debut they would split to work on solo project, which turned out equally as special, was a bit blasphemous, but here we are ten years later with a reunited Reflection Eternal sounding like they never missed a beat; the same heavy soul uplifting music with a positive tone. I for one am esthetic to have seen “In This World” released as the Revolutions Per Minute first single. Setting the perfect tone for the group to regain the support they once held and introduce a new crowd of fans to what music with means actually sounds like. Revolutions Per Minute slated to released April 20th looks to be well worth the ten year hiatus.