Known for reissuing pivital works of music throughout different genre’s 4 Men with Beards has reissued Serge Cainsbourg’s Gainsbourg Percussions the 1964 album from the highly touted french singer/songwriter, composer, and actor with support from fellow countrymen Alain Gouraguer. Gainsbourg Percussions may very well be the first conceptual album as Serge finds himself drawing inspiration and melodies from African Procusisons creating a blending of music not seen during his time nor for many years to come. A fine piece of musical history and one everyone should get the chance to hear now available thanks to 4MWB.

1. Joanna
2. Là-Bas C’est Naturel
3. Pauvre Lola (featuring “Laughing”)
4. Quand Mon 6.35 Me Fait Les Yeux Doux
5. Machins Choses
6. Les Sambassadeurs
1. New York – USA
2. Couleurs
3. Marabout
4. Ces Petits Riens
5. Tatoué Jérémie
6. Coco And Co