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Narrowing down the seemingly endless collection of 2013 music releases to just the 10 Best Albums is pretty much a nightmare. But you just have picture it like this: What 10 Albums Couldn’t You Live Without?

So, here are the 10 Albums of 2013 that SlamXHype Can’t Live Without.

Justin Timberlake The 20/20 Experience

Best Albums

Best Tracks: “That Girl”, “Cabaret” feat. Drake, “Suit & Tie” feat. Jay Z

He may have been a little over ambitious with the whole Part 2 of 2 thing, wearing down the world with 22 seemingly endless 5-, 6-, and 7-minute songs, but Justin Timberlake basically owned 2013. He outsold, out performed, out charmed basically everyone. AND he gets to sleep next to Jessica Biel every night.

Download The 20/20 Experience, Part I and II, via iTunes.

Kanye West Yeezus

Kanye West 'Yeezus'

Best Tracks: “Black Skinhead”, “Hold My Liquor”, “Bound 2”

Nothing needs to be said about Kanye‘s newest project, and the music world will be unpacking, dissecting, and catching up to the inventive sounds and ideas for years to come.

If you haven’t already, get it via iTunes.

A$AP Rocky Long.Live.A$AP

Best Albums

Best Tracks: “Wild For The Night”, “Phoenix”, “PMW (All I Really Need)” feat. Schoolboy Q

Back in January when A$AP Rocky dropped his newest album, it seemed like Long.Live.A$AP might fall flat, becoming a victim of an over ambitious (over)hype machine. But as the year progressed and Rocky dropped video-an-video, rocked show-on-show, and sported endless on-trend outfits, he and his album only picked up steam.

Purchase it off iTunes.

Arctic Monkeys AM

Arctic Monkeys 'AM'

Best Tracks: “One For The Road”, “Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?”

It’s a weird space that British rockers the Arctic Monkeys‘ occupy: somewhere between hardcore guitar riffing and pop’s lucrative sing-songs. But their AM album is all dirty sex when it comes down to it.

Add it to your collection via iTunes.

Lorde Pure Heroine

Lorde 'Pure Heroine'

Best Tracks: “White Teeth Teens”, “Buzzcut Season”, “Glory And Gore”

No one can stop talking about Lorde, the 17-year-old New Zealander who’s made huge waves with her Pure Heroine debut. Even if you originally dismissed her album as dainty pop bullshit, give it another listen; this young lady gets it.

iTunes would love to sell you Pure Heroine.

Jay Z Magna Carta… Holy Grail

Jay Z 'Magna Carta.. Holy Grail'

Best Tracks: “Crown”, “Heaven”

Though Magna Carta… Holy Grail wasn’t Jay Z‘s best effort, and he did that whole “I’m Going To Release My Album Through A Smartphone Company” thing, Jay Z still runs Hip Hop and he wrote #NewRules with MCHG and it’s promotional release. Moreover, it’s the kind of subtle album that gets better with age, listen to it again, there’s actually a lot to pick through.

Download it via iTunes.

Flume Flume

Best Albums

Best Tracks: “Sleepless” feat. Jezzabell Doran, “Holdin On” feat. Freddie Gibbs

Harley Edward Streten a.k.a. the New Zealand producer known as Flume has already destroyed the ARIA Music Charts and Awards with his self-titeld album, now he’s coming for the Billboard Charts as well.

If you get it off iTunes, make sure it’s the deluxe version with a slew of rapper remixes.

Drake Nothing Was The Same

Drake 'Nothing Was The Same'

Best Tracks: “Hold On, We’re Going Home”, “Pound Cake / Paris Morton Music 2” feat. Jay Z

Call him soft, call him emo, call him whatever you want, but when Drake drops an album the whole world sits up and listens to it. Nothing Was The Same may not have been as creative and painstakingly constructed as 2011’s Take Care, but it was just jam packed with radio hits.

Download Drake’s effort via iTunes.

Pusha T My Name Is My Name

Pusha T 'My Name Is My Name'

Best Tracks: “Nostalgia” feat. Kendrick Lamar, “40 Acres” feat. The-Dream

My Name Is My Name may have been Pusha T‘s solo debut, but he’s no rookie in the hip hop game. He leaned into Kanye’s stripped down beats and recruited a gaggle of supporting musicians — from Kendrick Lamar and Chris Brown to 2 Chainz and Big Sean — to help him build one of 2013’s best Hip Hop albums.

Purchase My Name Is My Name off iTunes.

Blood Orange Cupid Deluxe

Best Albums

Best Tracks: “Chamakay”, “High Street”

This London transplant has been ghostwriting for R&B singers like Solange for a long time, but Blood Orange busted on the New York scene — his now adoptive home — with a wild, tropical, hip hop, and soul project packed with a whole army of sexy sounds.

iTunes has Cupid Deluxe.

Honorable Mention:

A$AP Ferg Trap Lord

ASAP Ferg 'Trap Lord'

Best Tracks: “Shabba” feat. A$Ap Rocky, “Hood Pope”

A$AP Ferg ran through and dropped the wildest, party/trap album of the year. It’s been soundtracking NYC parties since the summer and shows no signs of stopping.

Get Trap Lord off iTunes.

Avicii True

Avicii 'True'

Best Tracks: “Lay Me Down”, “You Make Me”

People either love or love to hate Avicii, but if you fall into that second category, don’t dismiss True without giving it a try. Just because every douchebag on the planet likes him doesn’t mean that his album isn’t great. He’s one of the biggest DJs in the world, and as such, he gets to work with whoever he wants, making basically whatever kind of music he wants, and he’s filled the new album with a weird Motown X EDM fusion that you need to at least try out.

Purchase True via iTunes.


The 10 Albums of 2013 That You Can’t Live Without