The pages of Pitchfork are a haven for the music-obsessed. Their in-depth analysis, teamed with a harsh numerical grading system, make for high refresh rates amongst people who have their vinyl cataloged in the order of the artist’s shoe size. With the weight of their musical credibility, and their track record for being first to market a lot of independent acts, they’re easily able to flex their pale, vampiric muscles and invite drug-addled adolescents to sway mindlessly in a public park every year — for Pitchfork Festival.

Some would say it’s the premiere event for those who take lengths to be as pretentious as possible. But as good samaritans, we over here at SlamXHype scoured the festival last weekend for a short list of the best acts. Click below, listen up, and be well prepared to hate on these songs in a few months – because you listened to them before they were cool.