Music is infinitely accessible in our modern age. With the power of the internet, we no longer need record labels and big-time reps to break artists. No matter your sound, a following of people who innately love your work is extremely advantageous; and that following is closer to your fingertips than ever before.

For this week’s SlamXSounds, we’d like to share a playlist of songs from artists whose work we love innately. These artists haven’t gone full-on commercial yet, but they’re generating a good buzz for themselves. Who knows where they will be in the near future? There are no guarantees in the music industry, but if these folks continue on their path, we see more positive than negative coming out of it.

If you’re looking for fresh, emerging acts to follow, check out this playlist we’ve created.


This Philadelphia-based group has a very chill sound, mixing elements of psychadelia with classic hip-hop and electronic-pop, and they’ve been winning people over rapidly for the past few years. Consider us a few of those people won over.

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This NYC native may very well save electronic trap music from becoming the next disco. He’s only just begun to invade airwaves, so hop on board now.

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This genre-bending band features a ton of musicians from across the globe. These folks have gotten together to shake up the NYC music, and have already scored a #1 record on iTunes.

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Michael Christmas

Michael’s sound is raw. It serves as a culmination of funky, soulful tunes with smooth, upbeat drum sequences. Spitting vivid tales — most of which are comical, explicit accounts of his life — this Boston native has become a staple on prominent music blogs.

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Little Pain

Little Pain is the leading the pack of emotional rappers, so you’ll probably either love him or hate him. His mixtape, When Thugz Cry (amazing title) is sure to entertain either way.

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Prada Mane

Brooklyn rapper Prada’s Blue Prada project takes you on an emotional roller coaster. You can’t get durags this rare. You go to the beauty supply store and get the regular joints. These fabrics are imported, and the delivery times are just heartbreaking because customs doesn’t want to clear the packages. He runs with the other pioneers of the sad wave: Little Pain, Yung Lean etc..

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Spooky Black

The St. Paul crooner is surely making a name for himself these days, leaving the internet in a seemingly constant frenzy. His heavily reverberated, lo-fi sound is surely on trend, but his content is what every soul — old and young — can identify with.

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Lucki Eck$

This witty Chicagoan is well-ahead of his time. At just 17 years old, Lucki is garnering a following by rapping about the stuff he’s into — fashion and drugs amongst many other things. His approach is fresh, sincere, and the perfect balance between nostalgic and trendy.

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NYC’s own Ratking is doing an amazing job of making a name for themselves. Rappers Hak and Wiki vibe over funky samples chopped up by their in-house producer, Sportinglife, seamlessly meshing the sound of 90’s hip-Hop with elements of today’s sound.

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BONUS: Kaytranada

This Montreal-based producer has a funky sound inspired by older generations of hip-hop and R&B. We think “rage-dancing” is a perfect term, to describe the action this music is meant to invoke.

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