SlamXSounds: The Music That Got Solange Pumped To Attack Jay-Z

The SolangeJay-Z fight is basically all the Internet has been talking about since word of their Met Gala Elevator scuffle broke on Monday. Seemingly every Instagram and Twitter user has tried their hand at memes addressing the throw down (see the gallery above) and every gossip blog has speculated about why the fight went down. Some say it was over Jay’s plans to attend Rihanna‘s after-party without Beyoncé; others claim it was about Jigga’s refusal to help Solange’s friends get into the Gala. Some say that Solange is just a crazy drunk.

But one angle hasn’t been explored yet: what music was playing in Solange’s head as she unleashed her Chung-Li Spinning Bird Kick on HOV? So, for this Wednesday’s SlamXSounds, a weekly mix of music curated for various timely events, we made a mix of 22 ratchet fight songs for Crazy Solange.

Listen to the mix below, follow it on Spotify, then check back for more SlamXSounds next Wednesday.