Diplo has been at the top of his game for awhile now. Call your mom right now and ask her if she knows what twerking is — we give it a 99.9% probability that she responds with an emphatic ‘yes’. And Diplo is largely responsible for that. The Philly-bred DJ has been expressing himself on a worldwide scale, and collaborating with everyone under the sun since becoming a part of global consciousness with M.I.A.‘s Grammy-nominated “Paper Planes” (even though that track morphed into a basic b*tch anthem shortly after gaining popularity – admit it, you were stoked at first.)

And every year, Diplo’s Mad Decent Block Party gets bigger, too. What started as an outdoor, no-rules Philly rager has turned into a full-on festival, featuring eclectic acts with stops all over the US (and even two in Canada). Like most music festivals, this one is largely populated with #RidiculouslyDressedWhitePeople — but thankfully, many of these people are impressionable, scantily-clad young women thoroughly entrenched in the “twerk lifestyle” (…Daddy is definitely bummed about this). The Brooklyn MDBP takes place this Saturday, so for this week’s SlamXSounds, we give you a playlist featuring some of our favorite tracks associated with this whole movement.

Feel free to pop a handstand in your cubicle, or dagger the co-worker closest to you.