SlamXSounds: The Nicki Minaj “Ass Meme” Mix

Nicki Minaj — rapper, actress and proud owner of the ass that launched 1000 memes — is no stranger to controversy. It literally follows her where ever she goes — in a wagon surgically attached to her hind quarters.

On the cover for her upcoming single “Anaconda”, Nicki turns the spotlight on her back porch, as she offers her ample moons to the public (see above). The cover image is, in actuality, a picture with so much CGI that you would think the single was produced by Michael Bay. In spite of the heavy amount of Photoshop editing (or maybe because of it), the internet has gone bonkers over Anaconda memes, which place this gluteal portrait of the vixen in hilarious situations (if for some reason you haven’t caught onto this movement just google it already.)

In honor of Nicki showing us her “investment portfolio”, we’ve put together some ass anthems for this week’s SlamXSounds — to celebrate backyards everywhere. Its not a retrospective, but you can still “look back at it”.

*Also — we forced our art department to make some Anaconda memes of their own — so make sure you peep their masterpieces in the gallery above.*