So, apparently Chipotle paid Frank Ocean $212,5000 last year to make an original song for a new advertising campaign they were planning. But after thinking about it, Mr. channel Orange told those burrito slingers that he wasn’t so down anymore to make his Mexican fast food song after all.

Now, Chipotle has filed a suit against Ocean in California court seeking repayment of that almost-quarter mil along with damages etc. What did Frank Ocean have to say about that? He went on his Tumblr and posted a picture of the check the chain sent him with a “Fuck You” in the corner. (see above).

Obviously, these musician X brand collaborations aren’t new, and there’s no telling how good Ocean X Chipotle’s would have been, but most likely it would have been as  terrible as the long string of promotional projects birthed in the past, specifically these 8:

Nelly X Honey Nut Cheerios “Buzz Got Swag”

So apparently Honey Nut Cheerios decided they needed to up the edginess of their brand, so though brought in the perfect man for the job, Nelly, and shot a series of “Buzz Got Swag” songs/videos in which the St. Louis rapper remakes Buzz in his own image.

Method Man X Sour Patch Kids “World Gone Sour (The Lost Kids)”

Sour Patch Kids got Method Man to shoot a music video in which the little candies prove their bad ass-ness by terrorizing Meth and his crew. Their pranks include such classics as “cutting the strings to your yo-yos” and “trading your Lamborghini for a Volvo.”

Method Man and Red Man X St. Ides “Special Brew”

When St. Ides launched a flavored malt liquor line called “Special Brew”, they got Method Man and Redman to cut the simplest of tracks and commercials to promote it. This is our only example in which the product is grosser than the song.

Rick Ross, Meek Mill and Swizz Beatz X Reebok “Reebok Back” 

Until he got dropped from the shoe label for his “U.O.E.N.O” lyrics for promoting rape, Rick Ross was a ride or die Reebok endorser. So, he teamed with Meek Mill and Swizz Beatz for a more subtle brand of brand endorsement. It’s basically a rap song, but one all about bringing the Reebok brand back. It sucks.

Lil Wayne X Mountain Dew “This Is How We Dew”

There’s no better pairing of rapper and product than the creepy creature Lil Wayne and the sugary drink Mountain Dew; how they both came to be is as obscure a mystery as pop culture and food have to offer.

Though the rest of the list is filled with terrible  songs that weren’t necessarily made to benefit the brands they reference, it’s all one money-making cultural co-opting mating situation isn’t it?

Jay Z “Tom Ford”

Nelly “Air Force Ones”

Run DMC “My Adidas”


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