After debuting the “Letting Go Remix” last week off their upcoming Don’t Drop The Flag EP, Life+Times caught up with collaborators Lupe Fiasco and Sky Gellatly to discuss the their new project, its purpose and giving back.

SKY: Above all, Lupe and I are friends. We both have always had a respect for creative culture and for doing what we can to motivate and support the next generation of creative minds. Being a role model in just words, is different than being a role model in words and action. As friends, about a year and a half ago, we discovered that we both had a passion for electronic music. Well, a serious addiction, actually. And then, like real friends, we just said, “Hey, let’s start DJing together.” And we just stuck to our promise as friends, in and out of Lupe touring, and me with several other jobs. It’s just been genuine and fun from the start.

LUPE FIASCO: After conceptualizing “The Soundclash,” literally two sides of sound or musical tastes coming together (read: Sky and I), we were dedicated to leveraging our project as a way to positively influence culture. We knew that we had to make our own music to add to the canon, and we wanted to stand for philanthropy in a big way. Go big or go home.

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