The Stone Roses may have only released 2 albums over a 12 year period while they were together, but their debut album especially, changed the landscape of british music, it was hugely influential and lead an important era in British Rock Music, think “Madchester”!. Those who know me, know how big a fan I am.

Among tracks found on the Anthology are several of the band’s non-album singles, including “Fool’s Gold”. There are also a number of the period’s B-sides, inlcuding “Going Down”, “Guernica”, and “Standing Here”. Rounding out the album are “Mersey Paradise”, a demo featured on last year’s The Stone Roses 20th anniversary expanded reissue and a remix of “Fool’s Gold” by A Guy Called Gerald.

The album is out now in the UK, and the full track list can be seen below.

Collection Tracklist:

01. Fool’s Gold
02. Waterfall
03. This Is The One
04. Elephant Stone
05. Guernica
06. (Song For My) Sugar Spun Sister
07. Shoot You Down
08. What The World Is Waiting For
09. One Love
10. Something’s Burning
11. Don’t Stop
12. Mersey Paradise
13. Going Down
14. Standing Here
15. Simone
16. Fools Gold (A Guy Called Gerald Top Won Mix)

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