Theophilus London will soon be a name you won’t forget. As he forges his own lane within today’s clustering and assimilating music industry, Theophilus has became the face of a new and refreshing musical scene, blending genres, races, and audiences alike. His stance with back turned against the “in-crowd” brought Theophilus London to our attention, as we continue our support of his latest project we sat down to pick the musically-gifted brain of a worldly, intelligent man.

1. What would you say is the distinct Theophilus London sound?

Its a bit innovative in a sense. Its talking to all cultures. It makes people wanna dance, love and watever else they wanna do. What I love most about my sound is the connection of me and my audience. It creates anxienty for me. My reactions on stage, their reactions when I’m on stage changes my thought process every time. It happens so quick for me. Its like I’m on stage then I’m at work creating That’s my sound … Soul.

2. Your name isn’t one that is very common what is the origins of of the name Theophilus London?

My father Moses London named me after my great grandfather Theophilus London. So I’m the second. Theo means God its greek and philus means love, like the city of philly. So its The love of god or the highest power. Or who ever u worship (laughs)

3.Can you give a bit of insight in to the naming of your latest project “This Charming Mixtape”?

Its a contrast of Charming and Evil. My original work EP is titiled “This Charming Man” which includes records like TnT and Cold Pillow. This Mixtape is just a prequel to my huge project. Which will come out with a label as well. I find myself making records so much these days. I’m such a mover in a sense (laughs) I’m always tryna bring out a mood I nver brought before and breaking new sounds and attitude. It kills me sometimes. I loved Cold Pillow for a week and I’m on to the next record. I hate living life like that but its a habit.

4. As you grow as an artist who are some of the musical influences you have admired, and have gained inspiration from?

Michael Jackson
The Smiths
James brown
Fela kuti
And things that remain timeless like water

5.What have been some of your influences from your travels around, and how do you see these influences incorporated into your music?

Great question, Because my travels is what brings my music to life. I meditate now to bring that to my reality. I can think Im somewhere smell, taste and walk the atmosphere as if I were there. Take in the awareness of the people, their current moods and thoughts. Like in Cold Pillow – I wrote that record from being around depressed couples. I can write a record by staring at a beautiful girl……… Or at least what I call beautiful that is. Went to Guam and wrote a record called Live in Me. in some years I plan to write a song in every country I desire. 13 countries. Keep your ears close to that because its already happening.

6. Who do you currently have an online presence with to make sure the masses hear and are able to support your music?

Various sites …., ,, just to name a few. Plus every thing is on My haha shameless promotion.

7.Any upcoming projects outside of music?

I’m wrting some cool lyrics on the walls of a good frinds bathroom. I’m also learing to live with dogs. I also love hanging with fans and experiencing it facefront. These things inspire my art. Which leads to inspire my musical projects.

8.Accomplishments yet to achieve outside of music?

Learning my higher self – staying in touch with my relatives –

9. Any final Closing remarks?

Verj continue to live in me I present This Charming Mixtape

– Theophilus

Conducted by Music Editor Anthony Coleman