#ThrowbackThursday: 10 Times Kanye West Smiled


Throwback Thursday

Kanye West spent all of 2013 being angry — at the paparazzi, at fashion designers, at Nike… at pretty much everyone. But it wasn’t always this way. Before he became Steve-Jobs-Google-Shakespeare — and whatever else he compares himself to these days — Kanye used to flash his pearly whites frequently.

For this week’s Throwback Thursday, let’s remember some times when ‘Ye actually smiled.

When he was a kid

Throwback Thursday

Long before the weight of being a creative genius was laid on his shoulders.

When he was a teen

Throwback Thursday

Apparently, this was also before his creative genius days.

When he was shacked up with Amber Rose

Throwback Thursday

Before Kim came along, Kanye was pretty happy hanging with another full-figured model.

When he drove that car with Jay Z for the “Otis” music video

Throwback Thursday


Did you know the deconstructed Maybach from this video sold for only $60,000 at auction?

One time, when he was hanging with Pharrell

Throwback Thursday

Back in his Hanging With N.E.R.D. days, when he still clothing that wasn’t black, leather, or and faded jean, Kanye smiled frequently.

Another time, when he was hanging with Kid Cudi

Throwback Thursday

Maybe it was Kid Cudi’s departure from G.O.O.D. Music earlier this year that has sparked Kanye’s dourness.

When he went to a basketball game with Ben Stiller and his wife

Throwback Thursday

Third wheeling with Derek Zoolander is apparently hilarious.

When he proposed to a Kim Kardashian

Throwback Thursday

It didn’t matter that he was, like, the seventh guy to propose to her.

When he went on TV with his fiancé’s mom

Throwback Thursday

Watch the whole excruciatingly awkward daytime TV show here, if you dare.

When he was on a boat in France one time…

Throwback Thursday

Boats make everything better. Especially when they’re in France.


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