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With designer Erin Magee’s Fall 2008 collection gearing up to be released in stores, MadeMe has put together a video Fall ‘08 lookbook to showcase the edgy leather and french-inspired gear. With key items in the Fall ‘08 line featuring flannels shirts with a feminine fit and lambskin leather motorcylce jackets, MadeMe continues to celebrate style and self-expression. 

All MadeMe leggings are hand-printed in one of the last roller printing factories in the U.S. thus applying a high end quality to each piece. The Peggy Noland collaboration will again feature drop crotch leggings, this time with a twist to the printed 70’s “op art” pattern from last season. Fall 08 introduces the MadeMe cut-n-sew spandex leggings that feature a Gucci inspired equestrian print—a first for the collection. As an added boost to the ever-growing collection of tees, Fall ’08 welcomes the James Blagden collaboration t-shirt. The tee features a hand-drawn, multi-color cheetah print MadeMe logo. Of course, Madonna makes another appearance in this collection showcasing the MadeMe mantra: When in doubt, “WWMD (What Would Madonna Do)?” To quote one of the tees, MadeMe’s Fall collection is “Ohh La La, Made Moi,” a fabulous example of how Magee plays on the French language as a unique touch for Fall.