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Undefeated Winter Tees

Big things are happening at Undefeated currently especially with the opening of the online store and going live with there very own radio station. It …

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Undefeated – Architecture

I just stumpbled across NL Architects who designed the Undefeated stores on La Brea and on Main Street. Their website shows some detailed photos of …

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Undefeated Fall 2007 Tees

Undefeated have put together some impressive prints for there Fall collection of tees which landed in Japan over the weekend, the highlight of the run is …

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Stussy x Hectic x Undefeated New Balance MT580

We caught a glimpse the other day of what Stussy have planned for the coming season alongside Levi’s, they also have another version to their …

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Undefeated x Mike Mills Billboard

Undefeated in LA have produced some of the finest pieces of work with some of the finest artist’s over the years, ranging from Kaws, Os …

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Huarache Mania continues with a size? X Nike collabo.

Nike and size? have somehow managed to design a Huarache that doesn’t look like a Huarache (and that’s fine with us). Perhaps it’s in the …

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We fully back the subtle ‘BAPEX’ timepieces. This new one might be the best.

Great news for BAPE fans this week as A Bathing Ape re-ups its classic ‘BAPEX’ timepiece. The BAPEX Type 1 version in black/gold is almost identical to previous …

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