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WTAPS X Rock Steady X Porter | Leather Book Cover

W)Taps, Rock Steady and Porter all show again their ethos of embracing craftsmanship and artisanal thought. These leather book covers are perfect for keeping your …

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WTAPS Black Hole Tote Bag

WTAPS have compiled this very distinctive tote bag constructed of the finest and hard wearing cotton. The Black Hole Tote bag features a very interesting …

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WTAPS “Dazed And Confused” Fall/Winter 2009 Collection

Here is more impressive items from WTAPS “Dazed And Confused” as they continue to evolve on their work and militia inspired themes. The Cowichan sweater …

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WTAPS "Dazed And Confused" Fall/Winter 2009 Collection

WTAPS is rapidly becoming one of my favourite labels.  Whilst some of their contemporaries seem stuck in a rut or move towards a more high …

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WTAPS Furries Shirt Trad.

The latest release from W)Taps label is this Furries Shirt Trad. Available in blue and white it features a print based on the famous quote …

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WTAPS Fall/Winter 2009 Dazed and Confused Collection

Here is another insightful look at the WTAPS fall/winter ‘Dazed & Confused’ 2009 collection with this “Looks Gentleman but Rude” Warp editorial. Providing a greater …

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WTAPS Deck Wool Crew Sweater

The Dazed & Confused collection from WTAPS has already served up some of the best items seen for the current seen, but perhaps none more …

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