XTRENDS: Varsity Jackets

Previously reserved for the elite athlete, the Letterman aka Varsity Jacket has found it’s way back into mainstream fashion this year, and something tells us that it’s here to stay. Click the jump to see our favorite Varsity Jackets, on sale now at EXCESSHYPE.

TOP X: $15 Joggers

Regardless of where you are in the world, the weather has begun to cool down - meaning layering season is upon us! SLAMXHYPE has put together a list of our Top X $15 joggers on the market right now. Grab a pair before they are all sold out!

First Draft Rose Capsule – 50% OFF!

FIRST DRAFT has just launched their Winter 2015 collection, entitled the Rose Capsule. Each piece has been littered with fresh red roses, with pops of green contrasting the black and white backdrop. The full collection is now 50% at EXCESSHYPE.COM, right on time for the holiday.

TOP X: Long Line Tees – Currently 50% Off!

EXCESS HYPE has just received a slew of new Long Line Tees, all currently 50% the listed price below for the holiday season. Check out our TOP X selections below, and head to EXCESSHYPE.COM now to shop the full curation!