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The hummel X Ami James sneaker is not nearly as douchey as Ami James, himself.

Well this is interesting. Danish heritage sports brand hummel has teamed with renowned tattoo artist Ami James and his ‘Tattoodo’ social platform, to release a limited edition …

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Damir Doma’s SILENT FW14 Video Lookbook is guaranteed to make you feel weird.

It’s a lot like Mike Myers’ German TV skits from SNL, but we’re not mad at it. Damir Doma presents this super-contemporary video lookbook for his …

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Converse made one of the illest Simpsons Family collabs with this FW14 footwear collection.

In celebration of their 25th anniversary, The Simpsons have gotten together with Converse for a small footwear collection. Set to release this fall, the collection …

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A Conversation with Eiichiro Homma of nanamica. This guy looks like a Japanese Morgan Freeman, and we like him.

Eiichiro Homma founded nanamica in 2003 after 18 years designing technical outdoor gear — a history that has certainly shone through in his own brand. …

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The Simpsons X Family Guy episode is real.

When news of the impending Simpsons X Family Guy crossover broke, fans [read:nerds] on both side of the fence went wild. Finally, at last week’s Comic Con …

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Acapulco Gold ‘Summit’ Camp Caps … something’s familiar here.

We’re usually not a fan of a brand that blatantly duplicates another brand’s signature, but Acapulco Gold kinda nailed it with their new range of …

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vitaminwater launches a pop-up studio space in London. This babe will be there.

Kicking off in Shoreditch, London, at the end of this month, vitaminwater is set to open Shinebright Studio – a creative space aimed at promoting …

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