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Russell Moccassin for Unused

Following Deluxe teaming up with Russell Moccasin, another Japanese name has followed suit. Unused and the Wisconsin-based footwear makers have created two styles of the …

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Unused × Stevenson Overall Co.

Zip Stevenson has created something unique with his passion for overalls, creating not only Stevensen Overall Co. but also the retail spot Denim Doctors as …

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9 Reasons You Should Never, Ever, Ever, Go To Coachella

The 2014 Coachella Arts and Music Festival concluded on Sunday, and you probably heard it was awesome. Forget that: you DEFINITELY heard it was awesome. Somebody told you that. …

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Ever Wonder What Happens To Expensive Clothes That Never Get Sold? High Snobiety Tells Us In A New Article

Ever wonder what happens to all those clothes that nobody’s going to buy, no matter how many times they’re marked down? The good folks over …

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SlamXWeekly: Kanye Maybe Did A Bunch Of Fast Food Franchise Purchasing & Fat Jew Discovered Something Weird In Africa

The writers and editors at SlamXHype spend their whole lives on the Internet, grinding their keyboards into dust as they scour the vast reaches the digified world …

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Apparently Ed Hardy Donates All Unsold Clothing To Africa. Yes, There Are Children Wearing Bedazzled Trucker Hats.

Ever wonder what happens to clothing that never ever gets purchased? It goes from retail stores to clearance stores, and then where? What if it’s …

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COÏNCIDENCE is the outcome of French stylist and design enthusiast Lenny Guerrier putting together a destination store in Paris. Featuring two equally impressive floors, the ground floor entitled “Delicatessen” …

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