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Interview With Three Thug Mice Creator Steve Marcus

Three Thug Mice which we recently previewed here on SlamxHype is a cartoon series that features voice overs by Kool G Rap, Ra the rugged man, MIN ONE, and many others. Alan Ket calls it "violent, funny, and a real New York production". 00 Gallery put together this interesting interview with the creator Steve Marcus, once you are done make sure you head over to the Three Thug Mice website every week as a new episode drops.

Steve Marcus, what’s up? 

Just keeping my head up while I got my nose to the grindstone, eye on the ball and pedal to metal all at once so thanks for this opportunity to represent.

Allow us to have you introduce yourself. How did the Three thug mice project start?

It started with some experimental animations with a character that became Vic, the mouse in the wife beater, RA the Rugged Man does his voice in the cartoon now but then it was just one mouse and Vinny Vella who was in “Casino” and was my neighbor in Little Italy did the voice for that experiment – that was before You Tube and since have just kept developing the Three Thug Mice world.

How does a thug mouse deal with an insider rat?

In May, Three Thug Mice will launch a 12 part mini series. It’s a whole story and insider rats get dealt with so be sure to check it out.



How did Min1, R.A. & Kool G. Rap get involved?

Well, Min-One is a dear friend and I got a lot of love for him, we were roommates for awhile and we were really focused on playing video games, and would go totally mental playing WWF Smackdown on the Nintendo. There was a lot of screaming and yelling and we would shake the whole building together, What’s a few body slams between brothers when the competition gets heated, right? When I started doing the first animations I called him up and asked if he would be the voice of Tic, the little mouse, he just came over and we did it. He’s got a great voice and I know a lot of people who try to impersonate his voice but there’s only one and only Min-One, He’s second to none.

I met RA thru some mutual friends and he’s a lover of cartoons, boxing and also makes films and awhile back I did some animations for a music video of his. I called him and asked him to the voice of Vic, the mouse in the wife beater and he came thru the lab and did some recordings. Going to see him tomorrow he just finished a new film so check for that.

Kool G Rap, I actually met recently thru a kid I know since he was like maybe 4 years old. Back in the day, I used to live in a storefront and I bought a big monkey wrench and would open the fire hydrant for the kids on the block in the summer time. I held the key to Tar Beach back then, anyway I got to know everybody in the neighborhood and lived there for a long time, and had cones and would block off the street and have Bar-B-Q’s and big ill parties and we threw down for our block, young and old and I watched a lot of those kids grow up and become men, women and even parents. So one day I’m walking thru the old neighborhood and ran into one of those kid’s fathers and ask how his son was doing, he said, “he’s doing music, some hip hop thing”, so I used to go to their house for Sunday dinners back in the day and called his son, my boy, Lil’ Vinnie, and is now a young entrepreneur who started Well Connected Entertainment. I asked him what was going on and that I was making some cartoons and needed music, he came thru and linked me with some beats from Supreme, a young beat maker from Texas and asked if I wanted to link with Kool G Rap, I said sure and Kool G Rap came thru with his wife, Ma Barker on a Sunday afternoon and did the voice over recordings for Brik, The mouse in puffy with a du-rag and MA Barker did a voice over too. They all did a great job and feel fortunate they blessed my project.


Is there a feature coming?

Hope so – Got a feature film script ready to go so I guess if enough people wanted to see the feature we’d make it.

We noticed a trailer on Was this produced in 2004?

Yea that was produced in 04, that was a fully independent production, and not only did we make but I took my lunch money and did the paperwork to protect it legally, you know what that means stole it – you think I got any money, respect or props from Hell no!!!! I was asking my homie for train fare.

"Support your hood, not hollywood" …What if hollywood comes knocking at your door with some licensing & money talk?

We want to keep it independent and make more cartoons. I refuse to be censored and demand the freedom to keep making my art. I want to give the people cartoons that aren’t toy endorsements for billion dollar companies but my dad’s not the president of the pancake house and baby needs new shoes, landlord’s knocking at the door and the electric can be turned off at any moment, better call while my phone’s still on. . .

The amount and quality of content on the website is very impressive. From the concept to the webdesign & promo, what was the key to bringing this baby to life?

Could not have done it without my tightly knit group of loose cannons. We were on the grind for the past 10 months, 18 hours days, 7 days a week.



The characters and "Behind the scenes" section reveals you’ve got an understanding of the graffiti culture. Did you have to do any formal research?

I’m an OG and been around the block so many times, I stay home now.

You’ve worked with the Red Hot Chili Peppers?

I did, is the glamorous answer but truth is I worked with some good people in their production crew – that animation was also independently produced with my homie in the home lab – which was a sick and twisted location in Brooklyn with a mentally unstable neighbor who would go bezerk because we would be “typing too loud” , eventually came to a baseball bat stand off in the stairwell – regardless of the depraved location, that animation won the adobe after effects something or other award. Got my mom and pops backstage for the shows, they had fun.



Are you essentially a hiphop person?

I’m essentially me, one of kind, an original and I was and still am, part of the city where hip hop was born. NYC is also home to NYHC and I was a dedicated CBGB Hardcore Sunday Matinee devotee. Those 2 scenes sprouted from our city’s economic despair and they both influenced the world. I was there in the 80’s – 90’s and still here, doing what I do, being myself.

Do you support the slaying of pigs?

The slaying of pigs for food is not halal or kosher. But if you eat ham sandwiches that’s fine with me and If you don’t eat ham sandwiches that’s fine with me too.

I don’t judge a man by his sandwich choice.

Could Three Thug Mice be set anywhere else than NYC… How about South Central LA? …Brazil’s Favelas?

Yea Yea – Let’s get them on road – I’ll carry their luggage to brazil.


What’s next?

Hopefully a Three Thug Mice feature film but, Dirtballer, my production company– home of outlaw cartoons has got some new ideas in the works.

Any shoutous, beef, promo?

Yes yea nuff respect, deep thanks and may JAH BLESS Ket, Stick, Made Mike, Nicky Dimes, J Dawg, John Joseph, Taminika Outlaw, Kool G Rap, RA The Rugged Man, Min- One, Chase Jones, 530 Media Lab, The Big Man Spyro P, Kevin Done, Joe G, Ryota and the foxy Jenny T – Max, my brother R.I.P., wish you were here homie.

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