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W)Taps X Porter Nylon Pouch

W)taps and Porter has worked together to create some simple nylon pouches. Porter pouches have become hugely popular in the past couple of years, particularly in Asia, where …

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Head Porter x Wonderwall

Wonderwall have added their name to the list of high profile names to collaborate with Head Porter with a desin which epitomizes their company. The …

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Head Porter x Wacko Maria

Wacko Maria continue to deliver some interesting pieces and this latest collaboration with Head Porter does raise a few eyebrows. Following a more subtle and …

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Head Porter Plus Used Denim and Tattersall Shirt

With Head Porter Plus’s spring and summer collection continuing to release and continuing to impress. The latest items in particular the used denim have made …

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CLOT x Head Porter Look

CLOT’s ever growing presence on the scene is the result of a lot of hard work in and outside Hong Kong. Edison Chan has set a loud tone for the brand culminating in a number of high profile collaborations and none bigger than the work with Head Porter, the Japanese bag extroidenere label. The latest project has seen an expandable beach bag released. take a deeper look into the bag below along with CLOT’s blossoming relationship with the bag company.


Head Porter & CLOT hooked it up this summer with this expandable beach bag. The must have item for the Summer, with a choice of two colours (classic black  & lifeguard yellow) these Head Porter x CLOT bags are sure to turn head. This unique urban beach bag puts emphasis on functionality with some heavy influence from the CLOT Royale line.

Nylon Fasteners                   

Royale Silk lining with HASI-HATO button


The beach bag is designed to help you carry all your beach essentials (large & small) easily and in style. It contains a large compartment on the front and looks very durable. Fasteners assist in carrying a folded beach blanket at the bottom. Side expansion zipper allow to carrying capacity to increase when desired.

Side Expansion zipper

Side Nylon mesh with cord

If you’re looking for high quality, fully functional bags, this series has a more luxury feel that we don’t usually see from Head Porter. Utilizing CLOT Royale silk fabric as inner lining, CLOT and Head Porter created this collaborative item. With the material, the bags are definitely very practical for the summer if you ever want to hit the beach in style.


This CLOT Royale X Head Porter beach bag is very stylish and well designed. With Head Porter’s simplicity and CLOT’s quality, these beach bags will quickly become a must have for all fashion lovers. These will be available in classic black and lifeguard yellow.



There are a lot of designer PSP (Play Station Portable) cases out there to chose from. However, this Head Porter x CLOT PSP case definitely stands out from the rest. Head Porter has created a unique design for CLOT in Hong Kong. This PSP Case is more of a "utility case", it has a cover to protect the PSP, and the front can hold UMDs as well. This case comes in two colors, a white and a black. A CLOT Logo is featured on the bottom left hand corner. Limited to 150 pieces of each color, in celebration of the launch, Head Porter and CLOT teamed up to release these PSP cases.


CLOT x Headporter x Sony UMD Case

At the 2007 Asia Game Show(AGS) in Hong Kong, a special contest involved contestants racing around a simulated track. Winning entries were required to complete a lap of the Suzuka Track in Japan in under 2 minutes and 25 seconds with a Nissan GTR R35. For those successful, winners were given a special designed CLOT x Head Porter PSP Case in Navy as a gift.


CLOT Royale x HeadPorter iPod case

CLOT the latest entity to have put together impressive iPod cases featuring all the additives that have made CLOT so recognizable in recent times. The CLOT Royale collection has returned with this latest Head Porter team-up on an iPod Case/Pouch to create the CLOT Royale x HeadPorter iPod Case with unique color way comes in Yellow, Black, Blue and Red. Featuring subtle CLOT logo placed next to the famed Head Porter tag, the inner-lining also covered with a great CLOT Royale silk all over tone on tone CLOT design.


Juice, 2/F., A, 53 Patterson Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

+852 2869 9247

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Head Porter Shati Collection

Head Porter continue to evolve and part of this is reworking classic collections, the latest to make a return is the Shati collection. Featuring highlighted …

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Head Porter x CLOT Royale Beach Bag

Head Porter have teamed up with CLOT for this summer with an impressive showing making for some exciting release’s. Taking influence from the CLOT Royale …

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