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WTAPS AL-1 Jacket

Here is another great piece from WTAPS emphasising designer Tetsu Nishiyama's healthy obsession in military wear. The AL-1 flight jacket, the piece is... Read

Timex x WTAPS Watch

Timex have been the subject of some impressive collaborations of late, and this latest rendition from WTAPS makes particularly welcoming news. The min... Read
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Undefeated x WTAPS Collection

Here's the first look at Undefeated's exclusive collaboration with W)Taps. The two brands while very different in their approach and located in differ... Read

WTAPS Leather Sneaker

As part of its Fall/Winter 2012 releases, WTAPS presents the understated Leather Sneaker. The high-top silhouette features premium details such as met... Read
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WTAPS MA-1 Jacket

This MA-1 Jacket from WTAPS makes for a notable interpretation of a timeless military piece. Featuring a staple finish with a quality construction and... Read