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Visvim FBT Lhamo-Folk | Red | Yellow | Orange

Visvim have once again turned heads with this re-interpretation of their highly coveted FBT. The highly coveted Lhamo-Folk version which was first introduced during the …

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Visvim Homer Veggie Leather Tote Bag

While there’s certainly no shortage of bags in the marketplace, finding something thats genuinely luxurious and yet masculine is not as easy. Visvim’s Homer Tote …

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Visvim Folk Virgil Boot F.I.L Kyoto Special

Having shown you a glimpse of the Kyoto F.I.L. edition Visvim Virgil a while ago, here is more detailed look in particular at the Kyoto edition of the Visvim Virgils. Featuring a soft suede upper, a minimal black and white colorway,and Vibram soles. Take a look inside.

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Visvim Veggie Leather Collection

Here is another impressive expressionism of craftsmanship from Visvim with this collection that consists of the Homer Tote bag and accessories. Finished with the veggie …

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Visvim Spring/Summer 2009 Catalogue

One predominant feature of each season at Visvim is the production of their catalogue. Taking it to another level, this well defined publication refines the …

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Visvim Folk Vigil Boot F.I.L Kyoto Special

To marked the highly anticipated opening of F.I.L in Kyoto, Visvim have created a very special Folk Vigil Boot. Derived of kangaroo leather, much like …

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Visvim Spring/Summer 2009 Tees

Visvim have already provided us with a lot to consider the direction of the label is continuely evolving and this group of tees is more …

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