Back in Tokyo again after New York for the weekend. Fall 09 protos & seen some great museums and places this trip that I’ve never been to….. Standouts being: 21-21 Gallery (supposed to be better than 20-20 vision) Directed by Issey Miyake, amazing music store Cosmic Joker (great early 70’s German Cosmic Space Rock) at the Wax Museum at Tokyo Tower, yes Tokyo Tower.

I didn’t believe it either, felt like a total idiot buying a 500 yen ticket to a “wax museum” to eventually get to a music store; with some young girl working the ticket booth who (I’m “guessing” but probably correct) doesn’t know a damn thing about music outside of top 40 J-Pop, but I trusted my friends instincts and it’s actually there….In the back,weird & only in Japan. Other standouts is avante-garde but extremely wearable Japanese women’s brand Toga. I loved the drum set and half-stack amp drenched in christmas lights. Ships Jet Blue just opened up a new store in Harajuku, The Radwimps, Brett Westfall is out here finishing production for Comme des Garcons Homme Plus, and new projects for Fall 09 with KZO + Unholy Matrimony, stay tuned….