Ringcube will have this unique exhibition called “Secret2011” in December.
They will tell you who are in this exhibition but never tell which photo is whose.
Under concept of enjoy real essence of photography.
Not admire or overestimate a photo by name of photographer.
So not famous photographer like me have some kind of chance to test my photo out there in fair circumstance.
All photo are selling for 15,000yen. So as Daido Moriyama to ripzinger. haha.
Please check out if you are in Tokyo around that time.

【「Secret 2011」 – A Heartfelt Photo Exhibition】
This year’s exhibition is the third in this series. The names of the exhibiting photographers are being divulged, but not which photograph is the work of each photographer.
The exhibited works are being sold as a charity benefit. The entire proceeds will be donated for Great East Japan Earthquake recovery. The works to be shown were created by 47 photographers who supported RING CUBE over the past year and who support this exhibition. When the exhibition is over, the name of the creator of each photograph will be informed directly to the purchaser and will be announced to the public on the RING CUBE homepage.
Ricoh Photo Gallery -RING CUBE-
San-ai Dream Center 8F/9F, 5-7-2 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo (Reception 9F)

【「Secret 2011」〜心で感じる写真展〜】

“心眼を極める”をテーマとしたこちらの写真展では、出展する写真家の名前は公開されるが、どの作品が誰の手によるものかは分からない様、作品を無記名で展示。参加する人々が先入観を捨て、写真自体と向き合い、心で感じてもらいたいというリコーの思いが込めれた注目のイベントとなっている。参加する作家もリコーやRING CUBEとゆかりのある森山大道氏に菅原一剛氏、rip氏など第一線で活躍する総勢47名の写真家と、見応え十分の内容になる事は間違いなし。

開催期間:2011年12月14日(水)〜2011年12月25日(日)※休館日の火曜日を除く 11:00〜20:00(最終日 17:00まで)
開催場所:リコーフォトギャラリーRING CUBE ギャラリーゾーン
東京都中央区銀座5-7-2 三愛ドリームセンター8階・9階(受付9階)

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