Forever brand bicycle play a significant role in my childhood memories. My earliest memory of being on a bike was “Forever” brand, I remember it so well, I was strapped to my grandpa’s waist, the metal label embedded on the back of the seat often leave a mark on my chest, I was about 5 years old, and my grandfather passed away later that year.

I’ve been doing research on China state-run factory and heritage brands. Our collaboration with Shanghai brand watch is launching in China 24th this month. “Forever” is another important brand that is significant in China history, it is the most popular bicycle throughout 4 generations in China.

I like to share some of my favorite installations that base on “Forever Bike” done by Chinese artist Ai Wei Wei:

Ai Wei Wei is a Rock Star in China contemporary art scene who is base in Beijing. He was one of the pioneer artists who broke away from the Soviet realism and Culture Revolution propaganda. Ai Wei Wei was self-taught and famous for his provocative artwork. He went to New York in the 80’s to study at Parsons and returned to China in the 90s.

This one was done in 2003, reminded me of Chinese acrobat circus performance.

Hundreds of “Forever Bikes” were deconstructed then cut into smaller pieces.

This is recent installation consisted of thousands of cut-up pieces of Forever bicycles. Photos are Ai Wei Wei’s own.

More work from: