Thanks to Jason from GORUCK for the 1000D Cordura trucker. BUILT IN THE USA.

“Special Forces sent me to cities, mountains, jungles, and deserts, by day and night, in every condition imaginable throughout the United States, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. I surrounded myself with the best, a standard I grew to expect, and I trusted my teammates, my instincts, and my equipment. We never knew what we might find, so we always came prepared for anything. Throughout it all we worked hard and played hard, sometimes in that order, and I learned an honest way of life that will always be my core, and the core of my company.

GORUCK brings military-grade gear tough enough for Special Forces to adventure seekers the world over, people who demand a lot from their equipment. Tailored to the needs of the individual, by the individual, for the individual, GORUCK gear is built in the USA, leaving the smallest bootprint possible, and always adhering to the highest standards of functionality, durability, and a unique style.