12 Essential New Camping Items

For us in the Northeastern US, camping season is quickly coming to a close. Leaves have begun to fall, and soon weather won’t permit us to comfortably set out into the woods to escape the urban jungle. It’s a time-honored tradition for young men such as ourselves to leave cares behind, trek into the wilderness, make a fire … and then get piss-drunk around it. If you can relate, we highly suggest you get out there while you can. And if you’re a member of the “extreme-hypebeast” set, who don’t ever leave the city for anything, we’re here to tell you you’re missing out. (We see an abundance of bearded, old-timey “lumberjack” types walking around SoHo and Williamsburg nowadays, but we’re going to wager that more than half of them couldn’t start a fire.)

With that in mind, we compiled a list of new limited-edition and collaborative camping items that will help you get the most out of any outdoors excursion. So get out there! (But don’t forget beer and hallucinogens — those are crucial).

Click through the gallery above, and shop the links below.

The Carhartt WIP X Polar Bear Cooler

The Master-Piece Camo Print Canteen

The Kaufman Mercantile Handmade Copper Flask

Alife X Sunpocket Foldable Sunglasses

The Uniform Experiment X New Era ‘Explorer’ Hat

The Yuketen X Clarks ‘Native Maine Guide Boot’ in “Loden Green”

The Herschel X Clarks ‘Vulco Guide Boot’

The Bespoke Post Lumberjack Kit

The SOLKOA for Best Made Co. Survival Kit

The Best Made Co. Brass Peanut Lighter & Clip

The Filson Rucksack

Loser Machine Co. Death Grip Gloves