For many young men, the rite of passage into manhood can be embarrassing and nerve-wracking at times. Often afraid to ask for advice, boys seek information from outside sources. The following video highlights those moments of self-discovery.

A boy spends time obsessing about the fleeting moments of privacy when his parents leave the house and his siblings are not around. Only when convinced he is alone, will he lock himself inside the bathroom – a sanctuary – where he can experiment and explore his new found manhood and all that comes with it.

Despite knowing that generations of men before him have gone through exactly the same thing – his Dad did it, his Grandpa did it and chances are his sons will do it too – he is nervous and embarrassed. For most young men who reach this defining moment, the first time they discover manhood is going to be messy, clumsy and awkward but it doesn’t need to be this way. Your first time could be different.

Your first time could be with Baxter.

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