Not Leonidas’ army either, even though we did put in work like the Spartans tonight… More about that later. With the hours counting down til launch of our latest collaboration project with Asics, the usual last minute stress started to kick in. First task: Create space for the arrival of 300 pairs of shoes, 300 backpacks and 30 jackets. If you have ever been to Patta, you will understand that that is not an easy job to accomplish. Then, wait for the product to arrive around 6pm. But it didn’t, ha! Around 8:40pm an unidentified vehicle finally shows up.

Relieved, but the best part is yet to come: Move the dozens of heavy boxes up the stairs, pure unadulturated fun, don’t you all agree ladies and gentlemen?

Unfazed, we divided into Team Delta, Team Elms and Team Parra. It took us 2 hours give or take to sort sizes, unbox every single pair, insert them into the corresponding backpacks, barcode every package, re-box them and then dispose of all the wasted packaging material. Sorry Ma Nature, I promise we will do an environmentally friendly collaboration in the future. Patta x Greenpeace tree hugger coat?

Not making any promises of any kind, but some of the artists who helped out might just be present long enough during the launch to get your package signed (pause)? Hope to see y’all saturday!