My recent short visit to Beijing earlier this week, I had very little time to see friends, but no matter how little time I have, we all have to eat. Thinking of food and drink in style, Cho is the man to go to in Beijing.

Other than Bed Bar (A bar that invitea you to go to bed with!) , Café Sambal (home cook Malaysian food), Paper (healthy contemporary Cantonese food), he took me to his recent establishment is 3+1 Bedrooms.

Cho the man.

Hide away in a lovely quiet hotong (residential lane) near the Bell Tower, one of my favourite areas in Beijing. 3+1 Bedrooms continued Cho’s minimalist understated aesthetic, with deliberate rough edges and cosy green details. Every room has a different name and a cute patio.

For those who are looking for “a slice of the city’s unique charm before its massive urban reconstruction.”