In the short amount of time LEXDRAY has been around, Owner and Founder Alex Drayer has tackled the daunting task of creating bags that would be intuitive for everyday needs and smart enough for traveling. Last year saw the release of the largely successful Classified Collection and collaboration with Boylston Trading Company, while this year saw their Air Force One under the Nike Bespoke Program. Thus far, the rise of Alex’s company has been natural, and moving forward into 2012 see’s him looking for a new Office in Williamsburg and potential retail space in NYC.

SLAMXHYPE / What’s your favourite thing about where you live?

Alex: I live in one of the most up and coming areas of Brooklyn now…Williamsburg.  It’s sort of known as a hipster area, but regardless, it’s incredible to see what’s going on around here and the amazing changes that happen every day.  New restaurants, bars, indie movie theaters, hotels, shops, etc.  And every one of them is cool in its own way.  It’s inspiring to walk around my neighborhood.  It’s also one of the most impressive areas for graffiti in the US.

SLAMXHYPE / Your favourite store in your city?

Alex: Probably the RRL shop on West Broadway in Soho. Amazing merchandising and setup in there.  Tons of unique vintage gear, vintage watches, 1940’s military motorcycles, travel cases from the 20’s and so many more unique odds and ends you don’t find elsewhere.

SLAMXHYPE / What are three items you don’t leave home without?

Alex: Bag of some sort, iPhone, business cards.

SLAMXHYPE / What’s your favourite holiday location?

Alex: Home.

SLAMXHYPE / One place you really desire to visit?

Alex: Milan.

SLAMXHYPE / What are the worst trends around today?

Alex: Knowledge of trends is not really my specialty.

SLAMXHYPE / What’s the best thing to come out in 2012?

Alex: Nike Cole Haan Lunargrand Wingtips

SLAMXHYPE / What was a must have item for you for SS2012?

Alex: Dungaree Blue Track Jacket from F.C.R.B

SLAMXHYPE / What are you reading?

Alex: Trying to get through a stack of WWD’s on my desk from the last month.

SLAMXHYPE / What are you listening to?

Alex: Baby Einstein Music Box Orchestra which I play for my 4 month old daughter.

SLAMXHYPE / What’s the best film you have seen in the last year?

Alex: I enjoyed Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

SLAMXHYPE / Your favourite website?


SLAMXHYPE / What influences you on a daily basis?

Alex: Blogs, magazines, my neighborhood, music, social media, art, friends, etc.

SLAMXHYPE / What will you do after this interview?

Alex: Running out right now to drop off bags to my PR firm for a shoot