Viktor Tell is the Creative Director of Happy Socks which had the idea of making the everyday garment a little bit more happy. There is something inherently satisfying about wearing socks with colorful patterns. Their designs are more whimsical than tacky and frankly, they make me happy.

SLAMXHYPE: Do you think there’s something inherently interesting about taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary? Which I believe is the backbone of Swedish design, correct me if i’m wrong?

VT: Developing, moving forward, making things extraordinary I think is the essence of all design not only Swedish
but when having something ordinary that works, maybe we Swedes are leading in not reinventing the wheel just make it roll a little longer..

SLAMXHYPE: I read in another interview that you didn’t remember what music you were listening to the day before… What is it in everyday life that captures your attention?

VT: Haha, well.. that’s the thing, I may not realize it at the time when I see, do, or listen to something that it actually sticks.. When I start to create stuff the mind has a nice way of looking back at certain moments that suit the bill.

SLAMXHYPE: It only seems natural to me that eventually you would get into designing knit gloves. If not gloves, how do you plan to push forward?

VT: Since day one people have been asking what other products we are going to make, Happy Pants and what not. I would rather focus on becoming the best Socks brand out there. With that said it would still be fun to design and make collabs with someone that are the best at what they do, maybe a glove maker?

SLAMXHYPE: What products or things or places are you currently enjoying in your life?

VT: The beer bell and miniature foods.. someone ate the pizza! God Damnit!

SLAMXHYPE: Creatively speaking, how have you, and how do you plan on continually giving Happy Socks a Happy Image?

VT: By never forgetting our motto while working and through every single project we put the Happy Socks name on: “Bringing happiness and quality to every corner of the world.”

SLAMXHYPE: What are you currently listening to?

VT: The Baja Beach Players – Mexican Hat Dance (

SLAMXHYPE: What is your favorite website?

VT: A good little break to see what the 46inch will screen later this year… (

SLAMXHYPE: What is your favorite pair of socks?

VT: The Dots Split 01 (

SLAMXHYPE: What is your favorite place you’ve traveled this year, and why?

VT: Home, my couch has been far too lonely.

SLAMXHYPE: What is your favorite store in your city? (Stockholm)

VT: Lilla Baren Riche

SLAMXHYPE: What will you do after this interview?

VT: Try out my new badminton racket! Yonex Nano Speed 9900, Its all about the material.

Thank you Viktor and Malkiel.

Visit their website.

Happy Socks Concept Shop (Stockholm, Sweden) / Mäster Samuelsgatan 9