5 Minutes With… Rat Brain, S.O.H.


Rat Brain is the un-googleable figurehead behind young Melbourne-based brand, S.O.H.

A couple of months ago, S.O.H.’s debut lookbook started making the rounds on a few select and in-the-know blogs; no fanfare, no press release, just a bunch of sick shots taken by LA photographer Jeff Potocar, featuring a few young dudes (including what appear to be members of Odd Future) hanging out, rolling blunts. It seemed like a perfectly fitting and organic way to launch the brand and led us to dig a little deeper. Channeling everything from thrash to hip hop and skate art and keeping it all firmly in the family, S.O.H. might be a brand to keep an eye on. We took 5 minutes to catch up with Rat Brain.

SLAMXHYPE // Hey Rat, where are you based? How does that influence your designs?

RAT BRAIN // I’m based in Melbourne, Australia. I don’t know if that influences my designs much. I don’t think I ever grew up. So my designs are all based on the shit I’m into which is the same shit I was into when I was 15.

You know, like Thrash Metal, Skate shit, Fangoria Magazine, Geto Boys, porno mags, comic books, all that stuff. It’s still what I’m into. So Melbourne is a cool place to live but it’s not a direct influence on who I am.

SXH // What’s the concept behind S.O.H.? Is there a defining vision?

RB // We just wanted to make something for us. In Melbourne there are a bunch of small local companies trying to be something their not – you’re not American, you’re not a homie. Be yourself. We got sick of hating and decided to make something.

SXH // Tell us about the look book – it was shot by Jeff Potocar, right?

RB // The whole look book is Jeff Potocar, Concept, Direction, Photography and everything. We just sent him a bunch of shirts and asked him to shoot something for us. We were stoked with what he came up with. Young dudes just getting high. It was perfectly stupid. We love it. Jeff’s the man.

SXH // What’s your connection to Jeff and the Heavy Mental family?

RB // We know those guys, they’re from Melbourne. Well Ed [Davis] is. Ed connected us with Jeff. Those guys have been very supportive since day one.

SXH // One thing that strikes me about S.O.H. is that it’s still very anonymous. Is there a reason why you haven’t really pushed an online presence?

RB // We have a website. I just think we decided that we wanted to do it our way and let it do what it does organically. We don’t have any grand ideas. But we don’t buy into hype so I guess we are not too worried about pursuing it.

SXH // Where to from here in terms of the brand? Have you got plans to expand the line into other areas?

RB // I think we’ll take it slow. Just do what we do. If people dig it, then fine, if not, we’re still going to do it. You know. It’s for us. But if you like it then we’d probably get along. So that’s cool too.