Helvetica the most universal typefaces of them all designed by Max Miedinger and Edouard Hoffmann celebrated its fiftieth anniversary during 2007. Widely considered the official typeface of the twentieth century, Helvetica communicates with simple, well-proportioned letterforms that convey an aesthetic clarity that is at once universal, neutral, and undeniably modern. And to honor the typeface MoMA have presented an array of posters, signage, and other graphic material that will demonstrate the versatility and its beauty in an exhibition which began last year and will run until March 31 all inspired by the documentary film released last year. In addition, as a special feature in the exhibition, an excerpt of Gary Hustwit’s documentary Helvetica reveals the typeface as we experience it in an everyday context.

Finally a book was produced to praise and document the success of Helvetica and of its forgotten creator and all those who have contributed to its unparalleled international march of triumph over the past forty years. Filled with pages of color images of Helvetica in use, from album covers and road signs to advertisements and product packaging, the designs gathered together in honor of Helvetica have been created by superb designers and anonymous amateurs from all over the world. The result is an exciting collection of this icon of modern design. Available at the MoMA store.