For Jean Touitou, finding the perfect T-Shirt has always been a difficult process – so frustrating, that A.P.C. was conceived precisely because he had trouble finding clothing that wasn’t saturated with ostentatious or overdesigned product. It is in that vein that Touitou introduces a line of T-Shirts for men.

The cotton T-Shirts quite literally have Jean’s stamp of approval – A.P.C. / Jean Touitou is emblazoned on the inside below the collar, completely removing the irritation of the woven label. Also printed on the T-Shirt is the season, in this instance ETE 2013 (Spring ’13). This too harks back to the beginning of A.P.C. when the label took the name of each season, the first being Hiver ’87 (Winter ‘87). A.P.C. at that stage was the business name, it was only following confusion from the press and buyers that Touitou reluctantly used A.P.C. on garments.

There is a lot of history and reasoning behind a simple line of T-Shirts, and like A.P.C. raw denim, the Jean Touitou Tees will be offered season after season providing a line of basics – something A.P.C. hasn’t done before.